Galadriel 55 key(48note chromatic)
with violin celeste, bourdon celeste, glok,
2 ranks and accompaniment with drums.
MIDI system with lots of music.

Rob Barker made the violins and the compliment cellos - all other pipework was reclaimed, and revoiced.
It has no case as it was built into the custom made trailer.
Collection from Milton Keynes



Contact Martin 07990710506



Well, it seems that we have satisfied TWO people's requirements shown below.

John Forshaw had an organ to give away, and Peter Palmer has been looking for one for some time, so through BOGA we have been able to put them together.

They will be meeting next week to pass the organ over, so a double happy solution.




I recently received the following e-mail

Dear Mr Johnson,

About 10 years ago my father in law Philip Cardwell built a pipe organ (size about 33x23x12 inches), and I know he was in touch with you for some help programming a SD Midi controller. He duly finished the project and it worked successfully.

However he passed away in 2017 at the age of 90, and we became the custodians of the organ.

My wife and her 2 sisters however have decided they no longer wish to keep it but do not wish to throw it out. They would rather it went to someone who would appreciate it and use it. The last time I tried to operate it however, although the air compressor was running, I couldn't get it to play, and my understanding of electronics is rather limited. I'm sure it is probably something minor and someone with the relevant knowledge could sort it out fairly quickly.

I'm wondering if you might know of someone who would like to have it. We don't want payment for it - just for it to go to a good home.

It currently is at our home in Cumbria.

John Forshaw

I spoke to John to get some more details, and the attached pictures, and learned that the SD Card system appears to be working - as the windchest valves could be heard clicking - but the motor for driving the air system was not turning. From the rear view it would appear that there is a motor speed control circuit at the bottom of the case, probably designed and made by Philip, and that this may need some attention. The good home owner who gets the instrument would therefore need to have some electronics experience, as well as being able to maintain a home-built organ - which appears to be based upon John Smith's 20 note Busker. If he/she were in the Cumbria area and could get to Kirkby to collect the organ, that would save John the difficult problem of constructing a suitable transport case. He does make regular trips to Preston, however, and would be happy to meet someone on the route to hand the organ over.

I pointed out that the organ would be worth several hundred pounds, but John insisted that no payment was wanted, although a generous donation to a charity might be appropriate. As John is not on Facebook himself, anyone interested in owning the organ, rather than repairing it and selling it on, and wishing to contact John, can send an email to me at my address on the BOGA Home page and I will respond with his email address.

Don Johnson, BOGA Webmaster







 Alan Pell expanded 30 key (25 note) organ

with Violin and bourdon celeste, glok,
extra bass and accompaniment pipes outside the case and drums
all fitted in a custom made trailer
MIDI system with lots of music
Collection from Milton Keynes



Contact Martin 07990710506



To Purchase
Small street organ - not too big!
MIDI, card or paper roll
we would consider any make or self-build
but it must fit in a car, and NOT require a trailer

Please contact Peter Palmer
01942 510806 (Manchester area)




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