Mark Raven

17/01/2021 18:18:20
I posted my insurance renewal on Thursday evening. The documentation arrived Saturday morning. Very impressive!

john moody

12/01/2021 16:26:25
I would like to let you know, Gerry Woods has passed away. Gerry was a member of your club for many years. I also was a member, and used to help Gerry with the playing of his Mc Carthy organ. r i p Gerry.

martin wood

10/01/2021 14:53:58
Greetings Organeeers! Thank you for accepting me into your illustious group, If I may introduce myself? My name is Martin Wood and my wife is Sue, I am the Town Crier for Shrewsbury and, at 7ft 2ins tall, I am the Worlds tallest town crier. I do not have an organ at the moment, Sob, sob, But I am actively looking for one that would be suitable for my height, (unless I have to get onto bended knees)
Hopefully, if this pandemic clears off pretty soon, I will get the chance to meet up with you at an event. Is there any members in the Shropshire area?
Best wishes for a healthy 2021, Martin.


14/12/2020 19:50:38
PRS licence is aimed at anybody who plays music in a public place to help them make money, other than tunes that have no copy right, most of these come into the nursery rhyme category. For small organ grinders it is a very grey area unless they are collecting for their own fag money or holiday fund, but where does having a voluntary donation into a charity bucket stand ? For many years when I was attending fairs and selling my organ plans I had a PRS license, Eventually the main purpose at fairs was to enjoy myself and socialize with fellow enthusiasts, so I did not return the renewal for PRS, no problem until the following year when the renewal came including last years arrears and a very theatening pay this or else clause. The following year when the renewal arrived my wife rang them and explained that we were not in it to make ourselves money and was told in that case you do not need it and we were crossed of their mailing list. Ask where the money paid goes to !!!

Terry Pankhurst

13/12/2020 11:41:48
Hi Tom, Glad to be of help. You can find the Performing Rights Society on line. You will find they are very inefficient in collecting yearly payments. My last payment was in September 2019 and have not had a reminder since, not that I'm complaining about that. It might be because nothing has been going on this year. I have not taken my organs out once this year.
Be sure they only sign you up for the bare minimum, my last payment cost me £40.80. Hope that helps.
Regards Terry

Thomas Dobson

13/12/2020 08:22:28
Thank you Terry for your advice can you please inform me where I can obtain this license. Thank you again for your help.
Kind regards

Terry Pankhurst

12/12/2020 18:45:20
Tom, Technically you need a performing rights licence to perform on the streets. Many player do not have a licence, but to be without one they run a risk of being caught. Fines can be high. You may also need the local councils permission, you should make enquires to them first. Some shop keepers object to playing outside there premises, so also check with them.
Regards Terry

Thomas dobson

11/12/2020 10:11:09
I am about to purchase a street organ I am disabled but would like to play the organ on the street, can you please tell me if I need a license to do this.
Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards

Don Johnson

26/11/2020 17:35:47
In case anyone is following my conversation with Roger Belton, I HAVE managed to get an Ipad to play music on my 20 Note MIDI Busker in place of the Palm m515 system I normally use. grinning
To connect to the Ipad I got a USB adapter from Amazon
and to convert from USB to MIDI, I used
The App I used is Midi File Player
It can take a few connections/re-connections to get all the hardware items to recognise each other, but they will do so eventually.