John Knight

03/10/2020 09:42:38
An opportunity to entertain the visitors to Bluebell Railway Santa events every weekend in December 2020. If you would like to attend a "safe outdoor" but under cover event please contact me at Camping will be available.

Kev nobes

09/07/2020 09:09:55
What would be the best paint for the front of a small street organ,or any best ideas for a great finish

malcolm cureton

23/05/2020 18:36:16
I have a number of 12volt 60ohm pallet magnets surplus to my requirements.
anyone interested please ring.

Don Johnson

20/05/2020 14:28:02
MIDI users seeking more tunes might like to take a look at Wallace Venable's web page, where he advises that he has edited over 50 tunes scanned from Wurlitzer 125 and 150 scale rolls to support the MIDI interface.
He has kindly offered to share his work, saying 'Feel free to play or punch them on your own organ, but do not distribute them to others'.
Full details here .


05/05/2020 12:41:51
Hi, I found your interesting website and wonder if you can perhaps help me with some history regarding my ancestors. In the mid 1880s my ancestors came to the uk. The family name is Cascarino and in the censuses they have put occupation as musician or Organ grinder. They lived mostly in Cheltenham where in 1900 two daughters, born in uk, were fined 1s 3d each for continuing to play in the street when asked to stop playing. In particular I’m interested to know what type of organ they may have h

Mark Raven

04/04/2020 22:25:51
Further to my post on Mechanical Music Chat, do any other members want to join in and play a tune at 8:00 on Thursday night as our tribute toappreciation of nhs and key workers? If we could all do it together it would be a nice gesture. How about "Calling All Workers"?

Roger Brooks.

02/03/2020 15:42:31
Good afternoon.

Many Members, and friends, of B.O.G.A. May have taken street organs, to the Llandrindod Wells Victorian festival, in Powys, Mid Wales, In past years.

This year the festival runs from 24th. August, to 31st August 2020. Street organs usually play from the Friday 29th. August, to Sunday. 31st.August.
But would be welcome, to come/play, earlier in the week.

Please send an email to me, Roger Brooks if you would be interested, in attending.

Alexander Hurley

10/02/2020 11:00:50
I wish to built a limited Topsy 3

Where can I obtain 12v pallet valves from please - obviously at reasonable costs.

Many thanks

Mark Raven

20/01/2020 17:33:54
Does anybody know who I have to contact to book my organ into the Diss Organ Festival in May?

john smith

27/09/2019 12:06:10
Further to leather for a Universal organ, I have now almost come to the end of my organ building, any new ones are now MIDI. I do have a number of parts available, including a ready made and tested full tracker bar assembly with tubing for a Universal.. Various size plastic tubings, heavy duty blackout cloth for busker and Senior bellows. ring me 01525 712496 john Smith