You may already have heard the sad news that John Smith - creator of many organ designs for amateur builders and a very active member of BOGA from the early days - has died.

  His widow, Julia, has advised that although a small private funeral will take place, a Memorial event is to be arranged,  but that this will be at a later date when, hopefully, the Covid and weather situations have improved.  Details will be posted here when they are known.

The British Organ Grinders Association was set up in 1991 by Peter Churchard,  along with a handful of British enthusiasts who decided that some kind of club was needed for hand-turned organ enthusiasts.  Since those days, the British Organ Grinders' Association has grown to over 300 members all over the world.
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Why Join BOGA?
Anybody with an interest in hand-turned organs can join.  You do not need to own an organ to join BOGA, and you do not need to live in the United Kingdom.
The association produces a newsletter: Organ Grinders News, which is sent free to members four times a year.
There are also two meetings a year for members to get together, usually at a mechanical music museum or similar venue.
The UK subscription is just £15 per year.
Overseas subscriptions are available on application

What's New?


Message from the Membership Secretary/Treasurer
It befalls my lot to remind you that your 2022 subs become due from 1st January 2022. There is no increase in subs again this year. You will receive your renewal form with your Winter newsletter and you can either send me a cheque and the form or pay directly into our bank account, the details of which are on the form. You can also email me the renewal form as a pdf/ jpeg or similar. Whilst thanking you for your ongoing support, I would just like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2022.

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The BOGA official leaflet was launched at the 2019 AGM, and copies were given out to members as an aid to increasing membership and awareness of the Society. The stock of copies has now run out but you can still download and print a copy from this website. Click here to download a PDF of the leaflet.   (Use your browser's 'Save As' or 'Print' functions as required, then the 'Back' button to return to this page).

New Article added
An Alternative Approach to MIDI
How do I Join
If you would like to join BOGA you can email the acting  secretary, or write to: Andy Hinds, 281 Malden Way, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 5QW.

You can also download and print a Membership Application Form which contains additional information and upon which you can enter your personal details.      
(Use your browser's 'Save As' or 'Print' functions as required, then the 'Back' button to return to this page).

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by Melvyn Wright
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BOGA Steering Committee Members
   Founder - Peter Churchard
   President: Ernie Thomas
   Chairman: Eric Dilks
   Treasurer:  Andy Hinds email
   Secretary/Newsletter Ed: Karen Dilks email
   Acting Membership Secretary: Andy Hinds email
   Member Representative Jeremy Brice email
   Shirley's Fund:  Margaret Dilks
   Member without Portfolio: Peter Buckeridge
   Webmaster:    Don Johnson email

The picture at the top of the page was taken at an event at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings,